Jodie Foster's Parental Instincts

Discover the intriguing reasons behind the celebrated actress Jodie Foster's decision to shield her children from some of her own movies.

1. Preserving Innocence 

Foster believes in keeping the innocence of childhood intact. She feels certain themes and scenes in her films are not suitable for young minds.

2. Dodging Difficult Queries

Some of her roles could lead to awkward questions from her children, something Foster prefers to manage with discretion and timing.

3. Art vs. Reality 

Foster wants to maintain a clear separation between her on-screen personas and her real-life role as a mother, to prevent any confusion.

4. Avoiding Teasing 

In a light-hearted confession, Foster admits she doesn't want to face teasing from her own kids over some of her more dramatic or unusual roles.

5. Creating Boundaries 

Foster believes in setting boundaries between her professional life and family life, a principle that extends to what films her children watch.