Explore the key moments that made Robin Roberts and Amber Laign’s celebration a night to remember.

1. Celebrating in the Vibrant New Orleans 

The couple chose New Orleans for its rich culture and lively atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

2. A Classic New Orleans Second Line Performance 

Members of the Krewe of Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club joined the couple in a traditional second line dance, adding authentic local flavor to the celebration. 

3. An Intimate Celebration with Family 

The event was made special with the presence of their closest family members, emphasizing the importance of family ties. 

4. The Wedding in Connecticut 

Previously, the couple officially wed on September 9 in Connecticut, attended by about 250 guests, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. 

5. Robin Roberts’ Connection to the Gulf Coast 

Robin's deep ties to the Mississippi Coast and New Orleans, including her family’s local presence, add a layer of personal significance to the celebration.