1. Introduction 

Justin Timberlake recently poked fun at himself for mispronouncing "me" as "May" in NSYNC's song "It's Gonna Be Me."

2. The Origin 

How the mispronunciation led to a viral meme featuring Timberlake's face on a calendar with "It's Gonna Be May" written on it. 

3. Haunted by Mispronunciation 

Timberlake humorously claims in an Instagram video that the mispronunciation from 2012 continues to haunt him. 

4. Enduring Popularity 

Various versions of the meme continue to circulate online, showcasing Timberlake's humor and the meme's enduring popularity. 

5. NSYNC's Response 

Joey Fatone from NSYNC mentioned in an interview that the band still shares and enjoys the meme in their group chat. 

6. Timberlake's Reaction 

How Timberlake's ability to laugh at himself and embrace the meme highlights his good-natured personality and sense of humor.