1. Barbra's Social Slip 

Barbra Streisand faced backlash for questioning Melissa McCarthy's involvement with Ozempic on social media.

2. Melissa's Gala Appearance 

Melissa McCarthy shared photos from the CTG The Gala event, sparking the controversial comment from Streisand. 

3. Criticism and Retraction 

Streisand removed her remark after facing criticism from Melissa's fans. 

4. Weight Loss Discussion 

Melissa McCarthy has previously discussed her weight loss journey, emphasizing a simple lifestyle approach. 

5. Barbra and Melissa Collaboration

Despite the recent controversy, Streisand and McCarthy have collaborated musically, showing mutual admiration. 

6. Fan Reactions 

Fans expressed disappointment and disapproval of Streisand's comment, urging for more kindness and respect.