1. A Decade in the Making

DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson's relationship blossomed over 10 years from friendship to engagement.

2. Supernatural Connections 

Both actors starred in the hit series "Supernatural," Qualls as werewolf Garth and Olsson as vampire Benny.

3. Meeting at a Convention 

Their romance began with a chance meeting at a "Supernatural" convention, leading to a deep connection. 

4. A Bold Trip to London 

After only a brief meeting, Qualls invited Olsson on a trip to London, sparking the start of their relationship. 

5. Unconditional Love 

Qualls describes Olsson as sending the best messages, supporting him, and loving him unconditionally, leading to their engagement. 

6. Congratulations and Gratitude

Fans and friends alike have showered the couple with congratulations, to which Olsson responded with heartfelt gratitude.