1. Early Female Bond Consideration

Long before Lashana Lynch’s role in No Time to Die, there was a proposal in the 1950s to cast Susan Hayward as James Bond.

2. Gregory Ratoff's Vision 

The original Casino Royale producer, Gregory Ratoff, was the first to imagine a female James Bond. 

3. Support for Gender Swap 

Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr. backed Ratoff’s idea, considering a “Jane Bond” and eying Hayward for the role. 

4. Susan Hayward, Potential Bond 

Hayward, celebrated for I Want to Live!, could have revolutionized Bond’s character as a woman. 

5. Skepticism Towards Male Bonds 

Fleming initially doubted Sean Connery’s fit for Bond, seeking an “elegant man” over Connery's “roughneck” style. 

6. Bond’s Evolving Legacy 

The Bond saga has continuously evolved, with each actor’s portrayal adding new layers to the character, including open discussions on gender dynamics.