1. Long-Standing Career

Poppy Harlow joined CNN in 2008, growing from a correspondent to a key anchor over her 16-year tenure.

2. Major Contributions

She covered significant events, including the Boston Marathon bombing, influencing public perception with her insightful reporting. 

3. "CNN This Morning" Role

Harlow co-hosted the revamped "CNN This Morning," which was canceled as part of a broader restructuring of CNN's morning lineup. 

4. Awards and Recognition 

Throughout her career at CNN, Harlow received several accolades for her journalistic excellence and dedication.

5. Colleagues' Appreciation 

In her farewell message, Harlow expressed gratitude for the support and camaraderie at CNN, emphasizing the impact of her colleagues on her career. 

6. Future Plans 

While Harlow has not disclosed her next steps, her legacy at CNN sets the stage for future opportunities in journalism or new ventures.