Here a 6 Revelations About Emily Blunt's Children and Her Underwater Stunt 

1. Parenting Realities 

Blunt shared her children's emotional reaction to seeing her in peril on screen.

2. Sensitive Souls 

Her kids' tearful response led them to leave the room during the movie. 

3. Maternal Roles

Blunt discussed the challenges of her children seeing her portray someone else on screen. 

4. Co-star Sympathy 

Ryan Gosling empathized with the children's distress, expressing sadness at watching her in peril. 

5. Stunt History 

Blunt reflected on past movie stunts, including wire work in "Edge of Tomorrow." 

6. Challenging Scenes

She discussed the stress of a gliding entrance in "Mary Poppins Returns," highlighting the physical demands of her roles.