1. Sobriety and Milestones

Anne Hathaway recently celebrated over five years of sobriety, a significant personal milestone she rarely discusses publicly.

2. Turning Point 

Hathaway decided to abstain from alcohol after experiencing a severe hangover while taking her son to school, realizing the need to be fully present for him. 

3. Age and Blessings 

At 41, Hathaway considers reaching this age a blessing, though she jokingly avoids terms like "middle age" due to the uncertainties of life. 

4. "Princess Diaries 3" Possibility

In a surprising turn, Hathaway hinted at the potential for a third installment of the beloved "Princess Diaries" franchise, expressing a clear interest in revisiting the role. 

5. Career Moves 

Hathaway's latest project is "The Idea of You," directed by Michael Showalter, where she portrays Solène, a divorced mother developing feelings for a younger celebrity, played by Nicholas Galitzine. 

6. Upcoming Release

"The Idea of You" will be available for streaming on Prime Video starting May 2nd, offering audiences a new perspective on Hathaway's acting prowess.