1. Premiere in 2025 

Mark your calendars! 'Black Mirror' is slated to return with Charlie Brooker,  on Netflix in 2025

2. ‘USS Callister’ Sequel 

Dive back into the digital cosmos with a sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘USS Callister’ episode. 

3. Charlie Brooker Leads 

Charlie Brooker, alongside executive producers Jessica Rhoades and Annabel Jones, returns to helm the new season. 

4. Six New Episodes 

Season 7 promises six new episodes, each exploring dark and satirical themes. 

5. A Cult Hit 

'Black Mirror' continues to push boundaries, offering a reflective look at society's relationship with technology. 

6. Exclusively on Netflix 

Prepare for a mind-bending journey. Watch 'Black Mirror' Season 7 exclusively on Netflix.