Here a 6 Things About Doja Cat's Controversy

1. Explicit Content Warning

I don't make music for children," Doja Cat asserts, urging parents to keep kids away from her shows.

2. Questioning Parental Choices 

Doja Cat challenges why parents would bring children to her explicit shows, sparking online debate. 

3. Direct Social Media Exchanges 

Known for her candid responses, Doja tells a fan to "delete your account," showing her no-filter online persona. 

4. TikTok and Beyond

Tracks like "Juicy," "Kiss Me More," and "Streets" have catapulted Doja Cat to viral fame on social media platforms. 

5. 'Scarlet' Achieves Chart Success 

Doja Cat's "Scarlet" debuts at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, with notable tracks like "Paint The Town Red" and "Agora Hills." 

6. Continuing Impact 

Despite controversies, Doja Cat's influence in music and culture remains strong.