1. Star-Studded Cast

Yorgos Lanthimos' "Bugonia" will feature Emma Stone and Jesse Plemons in lead roles.

2. Unique Plot

The film revolves around two conspiracy theorists who kidnap a powerful CEO, believing her to be an alien set on destroying Earth.

3. Inspirational Root

Bugonia" draws inspiration from the 2003 South Korean sci-fi comedy "Save the Green Planet."

4. Production Team

 The film will be produced by Element Pictures, with Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, and Lanthimos at the helm, along with Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen, and producers from CJ ENM.

5. Reunion of Talent

Stone and Plemons reunite with Lanthimos after their collaboration on "Kinds of Kindness."

6. Anticipated Release

The announcement of "Bugonia" came just after the Cannes premiere of "Kinds of Kindness," building anticipation for Lanthimos' next cinematic venture.