Discover 'The Outrun': A Journey of Self-Discovery

Unveiling the essence of 'The Outrun', a film that has captivated audiences at the Sundance Film Festival.

Orkney Islands: The Breathtaking Backdrop

Experience the stark beauty of the Orkney Islands, the setting that forms the heart of Rona's transformative journey.

Saoirse Ronan: The Soul of 'The Outrun 

Acclaimed actress Saoirse Ronan brings to life the complex character of Rona with a deeply moving performance. 

From Page to Screen: Amy Liptrot’s Memoir

Explore how Nora Fingscheidt's direction brings Amy Liptrot’s bestselling memoir to vivid cinematic life. 

A Visual and Auditory Feast 

Delve into the film's stunning cinematography and emotive score that elevate Rona's story to new heights. 

More Than Just a Recovery Story 

'The Outrun' resonates beyond a tale of sobriety, exploring deep themes of resilience and human spirit.