Hera a 6 Times He Mocked 'Unfrosted' Press Tour on SNL: Jerry Seinfeld's Hilarious Takedown

1. Jerry Seinfeld's SNL Appearance

Jerry Seinfeld appeared on Saturday Night Live and poked fun at his "Unfrosted" press tour.

2. Joking About Overpromotion 

Seinfeld joked about the overzealous promotion of his Netflix film "Unfrosted" during his SNL appearance.

3. Not Knowing Where He Was 

Seinfeld pretended not to know where he was, humorously asking if he was on a podcast.

4. Mentioning Other Celebrities 

Seinfeld mentioned other celebrities and media personalities in a light-hearted manner during his SNL skit.

5. Reflecting on Press Coverage 

 Seinfeld humorously reflected on his extensive press coverage for "Unfrosted," joking about his appearances on various shows.

6. Ending with a Spoof

 The spoof ended with Seinfeld receiving a call from Univision and jokingly requesting to be searched on The Kelly Clarkson Show.