1. Unexpected Appearance 

Paris Hilton's appearance was a last-minute addition to Vampire Weekend's set at Coachella 2024, catching both fans and festival-goers by surprise.

2. Special Performance

The collaboration culminated in a 15-minute-long mashup performance titled "Cocaine Cowboys," which featured both Paris and the band, highlighting their unique musical synergy. 

3. Iconic Look 

Paris made a striking visual impact, wearing an all-black cowboy outfit complete with a cowboy hat, aligning perfectly with the festival's eclectic and expressive fashion scene. 

4. Social Media Highlight 

Paris took to Instagram to share the moment with her followers, posting a video of herself onstage, which she captioned with references to her nostalgia for "The Simple Life" and hashtags like #Sliving and #CoachellaQueen. 

5. Nostalgic Reference 

During her performance, Paris mentioned she hadn't played the game of cornhole since her days on "The Simple Life," her popular reality TV show from the early 2000s, connecting her past and present in front of a live audience. 

6. Vampire Weekend's Busy Schedule 

The band was not only involved in Coachella but had just come off a week filled with significant events, including the release of their new album "Only God Was Above Us" and performances on SiriusXMU and "The Daily Show."