1. The Stunt

Emily Blunt faced a challenging stunt in "Mary Poppins Returns" that tested her limits.

2. Entrance Stress

Blunt's character had to start in the clouds and come down holding an umbrella, causing her stress. 

3. Decision to Quit

After three takes, Blunt decided to give up on the stunt, feeling she had reached her limit. 

4. Director's Request

Director Rob Marshall asked for a fourth take, but Blunt declined, standing by her decision. 

5. Impact on Performance

Blunt's decision affected her performance and approach to other challenging scenes in the movie. 

6. Other Challenging Scenes 

Blunt also faced challenges in scenes where her character had to go backward into a magical bathtub. 

7. Overall Experience 

Despite the challenges, Blunt reflected on her experience filming "Mary Poppins Returns" as a valuable learning opportunity.