1. Mutual Witness Requests 

Both Jenna and Channing have requested each other as witnesses to discuss their marriage's financial and business aspects.

2. Involvement of Jenna’s Fiancé 

Channing has asked Jenna's fiancé, Steve Kazee, to testify about their cohabitation and joint financial matters. 

3. Long-Delayed Settlement  

Six years after announcing their separation, the couple is still negotiating the financial terms of their divorce, including the profits from the Magic Mike franchise. 

4. Preliminary Witness List  

 Jenna has submitted a preliminary witness list for the upcoming hearings, indicating a strategic approach to the proceedings.

5. Key Trial Issues 

The trial will address several crucial issues including property division, reimbursement claims, support, breach of fiduciary duty, and attorney fees. 

6. Magic Mike Earnings Dispute

A significant point of contention is the division of earnings from Channing's Magic Mike franchise, which has been highly profitable. 

7. Scheduled Court Date 

A critical court hearing is set for Friday, April 12, which could determine the final settlement and resolution of their ongoing disputes.