Here are 7 key points to know about the documentary "Brats" featuring the Brat Pack reunion

1. Premise

"Brats" is a documentary directed by Andrew McCarthy, exploring the legacy of the Brat Pack, a group of iconic 1980s performers.

2. Brat Pack Reunion 

The documentary features a reunion of legendary 1980s performers, including Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, and more. 

3. Cultural Phenomenon

The Brat Pack movies, such as "St. Elmo's Fire" and "The Breakfast Club," are examined as a cultural phenomenon that resonated with young viewers. 

4. Teenage Angst

These films are famous for portraying teenage angst and addressing issues relevant to young audiences, leaving a lasting impact on a generation. 

5. Interviews

Andrew McCarthy interviews Brat Pack members and key production personnel, providing insights into their experiences and the making of these iconic films. 

6. Historical Context

The documentary delves into the origin of the term "Brat Pack" and its significance, tracing back to a 1985 cover article in New York Magazine. 

7. Premiere Date

"Brats" premieres on Hulu on June 13, offering viewers a nostalgic journey into the Brat Pack era and its enduring legacy.