1. A Billion-Year-Ahead Romance

'Love Me' stands out with its unique concept of a love story set a billion years in the future, between a buoy and a satellite.

2. The Zuchero Siblings' Debut 

Sam and Andy Zuchero's directorial debut in 'Love Me' brings a fresh perspective to sci-fi romance, blending futurism with deep human emotion. 

3. Kristen Stewart & Steven Yeun 

The film stars Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun, whose performances add depth and vulnerability to this celestial romance. 

4. Visual Splendor 

Shot in diverse locations like Alberta’s icy landscapes and Death Valley, 'Love Me' promises a stunning visual journey. 

5. Innovative Soundtrack

David Longstreth's score for 'Love Me' is a fusion of classical and modern jazz, creating an evocative auditory experience. 

6. A Fusion of Influences

The film draws inspiration from Ray Kurzweil’s futurism and Douglas Sirk’s melodramatic flair, offering a unique narrative experience. 

7. Acclaimed and Award-Winning 

'Love Me' has already garnered acclaim, winning the Alfred P. Sloan Film Feature Prize, highlighting its artistic and narrative excellence.