1. Concert Postponements 

Learn why Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band had to postpone three European concerts in Prague and Milan due to doctor's orders.

2. Medical Advice 

Understand the reason behind the postponements as Bruce Springsteen shares on Instagram about receiving additional medical advice to refrain from performing for ten days. 

3. Impacted Concerts

Discover which concerts were affected, including the ones at Airport Letnany in Prague and San Siro Stadium in Milan. 

4. Reassurance to Fans 

Find out how Springsteen assured fans about his recovery and promised to announce fresh dates for the canceled concerts soon. 

5. Tour Resumption

 Get insights into when the European tour is set to resume, with Madrid being the next scheduled stop on June 12.

6. Previous Health Issues 

Learn about Springsteen's history of health issues on tour, including the postponement of all tour dates in 2023 due to a peptic ulcer ailment. 

7. Enduring Resilience

Appreciate Springsteen's resilience as he continues to navigate health challenges while maintaining his commitment to his fans and his music career.