1. Transitioning Talents

From hit tracks to fashion racks, Lil Uzi Vert explores women's clothing. 


Spotlight on the $40 'THEMINEM' tee, blending music legends with modern pronouns. 

3. Leveraging Fame 

Uzi uses Eminem's stardom to spark interest and drive sales at the festival. 

4. Mixed Feedback 

Fans react: from amusement to accusations of leveraging fame. 

5. A Possible Honor 

UPROXX predicts Eminem might find Uzi's fashion nod flattering or humorous. 

6. Eminem's Humor 

Recall Eminem's April Fool’s prank on fans with a fake album announcement. 

7. What’s Next? 

Coachella is just the beginning. What does the future hold for Uzi's fashion line?