1. Mother's Day Apart

Ryan Sutter spent Mother's Day apart from his wife Trista Sutter, sparking speculation about their relationship.

2. Ryan's Clarification

Ryan broke his silence on May 18, stating that Trista is well, but temporarily unavailable due to an opportunity for personal growth. 

3. Mysterious Social Media Post

On May 12, Ryan posted pictures without Trista, prompting questions from fans about their relationship status. 

4. Background of Relationship 

Ryan and Trista met on the set of Bachelorette Season 1 and were married in December 2003. 

5. Children

The couple has two children, Maxwell and Blakesley. 

6. Last Public Appearance 

They were last seen together in January 2024 at a wedding. 

7. Public Interest and Speculation

Their relationship has been the subject of public interest and speculation, especially given their recent time apart.