Here are 7 Insights into Selena Gomez & Benny Blanco's Steak Deal

1. Romantic Gesture

Benny Blanco cooks steak for Selena Gomez as a romantic gesture.

2. Instagram Post 

Blanco's Instagram post showcases his cooking skills and love for Gomez. 

3. Affectionate Gesture 

Blanco considers cooking for Gomez as a way to make her happy and to share intimate moments. 

4. Meal Preparation 

Blanco prepares a meal including salad dressing, fried potatoes, and grilled steak. 

5. Delivery of the Meal 

Blanco drives to Gomez's place and serves the meal next to her bed, leaving a note expressing love. 

6. Parting Gesture 

Blanco gives Gomez a squeeze before leaving, and she reciprocates the affection. 

7. Meaningful Exchange 

The steak becomes a symbol of love and affection in Blanco and Gomez's relationship.