1. Shared Passion

They find common ground in their love for arts, fashion, and philanthropy, laying a solid base for their connection.

2. Mutual Career Respect

Understanding and supporting each other's ambitions underlines their relationship, fostering mutual respect. 

3. Communication is Key

Regular, meaningful communication keeps them connected, overcoming the challenges of distance and busy lives. 

4. Valuing Privacy

Choosing to keep their relationship out of the public eye reflects their commitment to cherish and protect their bond. 

5. Unwavering Support

They stand by each other through highs and lows, strengthening their relationship in the face of challenges.

6. Quality Time Matter

Cherishing moments together, they understand the importance of quality time in nurturing their bond.

7. Growing Together

Their relationship is strengthened by mutual growth, learning, and navigating life’s complexities as a team.