1. Based on a Bestselling Novel

The series is an adaptation of David Nicholls' beloved 2009 novel.

2. A Tale Spanning Decades 

The story follows the characters over 20 years, from their graduation night onward. 

3. Star-Studded Cast 

Starring Ambika Mod as Emma and Leo Woodall from 'The White Lotus' as Dexter. 

4. A Unique Narrative Style 

Revisits the protagonists on the same day each year, revealing their evolving lives. 

5. Themes of Love and Destiny 

Explores the cosmic mystery of how strangers can become life's most important people. 

6. Emotional and Relatable 

The story delves into the ups and downs of life, love, and making a difference. 

7. Premiere Date

Mark your calendars - 'One Day' premieres on Netflix on February 8th.