1. Ryan Gosling 

 Reports suggest that Ryan Gosling is actively pushing for a sequel to the hit movie 'Barbie,' where he starred as Ken.

2. Margot Robbie's Involvement 

Margot Robbie, who played Barbie in the first movie, is allegedly in talks to reprise her role in the sequel. 

3. Fan Excitement 

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the dynamic duo, hoping to see them bring their characters back to life on the big screen. 

4. Ryan's Barbie Obsession 

Gosling's dedication to the Barbie franchise seems unwavering, as he reportedly sees the sequel as an opportunity to win over even more hearts. 

5. Career Impact

'Barbie' catapulted Gosling to A-list status and garnered Robbie widespread acclaim. Both actors are expected to leverage this success in negotiations for the sequel.

6. Recent Endeavors

Despite working on other projects like 'The Fall Guy,' Gosling is reportedly keen to return to the Barbie series, recognizing its significance to his career.

7. Sure Bet 

With recent setbacks in other projects, insiders suggest that Gosling views 'Barbie 2' as his safest bet for continued success in Hollywood.