1. The Fab Four

Sam Mendes is set to direct a quartet of biographical films focusing on each member of The Beatles.

2. Unique Perspective 

Each film will offer a different perspective on the life and career of a specific member of the iconic band.

3. Star-Studded Lineup

Paul Mescal, known for "Normal People," will portray Paul McCartney, while Barry Keoghan takes on the role of Ringo Starr.

4. Sam Mendes' Direction  

Mendes aims to create an epic cinematic experience, exploring The Beatles' journey through four distinct films.

5. Family Approval  

The families of McCartney, Starr, Lennon, and Harrison have granted unrestricted access to their stories and music rights.

6. 2027 Release

Excitingly, all four films are slated for release in 2027, promising an immersive journey into The Beatles' world.

7. Epic Cinematic Experience

Producer Pippa Harris promises a thrilling narrative, telling the story of the most celebrated band of all time from four unique perspectives.