1. Iconic Grammy Performance

In 2004, Beyoncé and Prince performed together at the 46th Grammy Awards, creating a memorable musical moment.

2. Tribute During Nationwide Tour 

Taking a break from her nationwide tour, Beyoncé paid tribute to Prince on Friday, June 7. 

3. Stylish Homage

Beyoncé was seen wearing a blouse featuring a portrait of Prince, celebrating the late music icon. 

4. Instagram Tribute

The 42-year-old pop star shared a photo on Instagram, smiling in the outfit and accessorizing it with a fox fur coat. 

5. Prince's 66th Birthday 

The tribute was timed to honor what would have been Prince's 66th birthday, showing Beyoncé's respect for the legendary artist. 

6. Fan Reactions

Fans praised Beyoncé's homage, with comments highlighting the significance of the date and expressing admiration for the tribute. 

7. Fashion Forward

Beyoncé previously paired the black and purple Prince tee with a Balenciaga purse, showcasing her fashion sense and love for Prince.