1. Star-Studded Cast

The new romantic comedy 'Materialists' will co-star Dakota Johnson, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Evans, promising a stellar performance by this talented trio.

2. Sweet On-Set Moment

Dakota Johnson shared a sweet moment with Pedro Pascal, giving him a cheek kiss as they wrapped up filming, highlighting the camaraderie among the cast.

3. Instagram Insights

Pedro Pascal, 49, gave fans a glimpse into the wrap party festivities on Instagram, posting a picture with director Celine Song and co-stars under the New York City night sky. 

4. Celebratory Supper

The Last of Us actress posted a slideshow of pictures from their candlelit celebratory supper, adding a personal touch to the wrap party. 

5. Viral Photo Moment

The viral photo that caught everyone's attention featured Dakota Johnson encircling Pascal and giving him a cheek kiss, reflecting the playful and affectionate atmosphere on set. 

7. Supporting Cast

For the uninitiated, the film also stars Zoë Winters, Dasha Nekrasova, Louisa Jacobson, and Marin Ireland, adding depth to the ensemble cast.