1. Amy Robach was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in October 2013, a diagnosis she received following an on-air mammogram.

2. Amy underwent a double mastectomy and completed eight rounds of chemotherapy, concluding her treatments in April 2014. 

3. On her iHeartRadio podcast, Amy discussed her drinking habits, particularly in the context of her cancer journey. 

4. T.J. Holmes, Amy's co-host and husband, engages in the conversation, providing support and insight on the podcast 'Amy and T.J.

5. Amy shared that she drinks to enhance joy, not to mask pain, and enjoys the laughter and upliftment that comes with it. 

6. Amy announced her decision to embark on a "dry 2024," reflecting on the past year and her understanding of the relationship between alcohol and cancer. 

7. Through her podcast and public persona, Amy continues to inspire and educate others about breast cancer awareness and the importance of making mindful health choices.