1. Priscilla's Journey Begins: The film captures her life from a young 14-year-old meeting Elvis.

2. Elvis Presley’s Influence: Jacob Elordi portrays a more complex and darker Elvis. 

3. Sofia Coppola’s Vision: The film is a blend of empathic storytelling and historical accuracy. 

4. Dual Perspectives: 'Priscilla' is told from Priscilla’s viewpoint, interlaced with a modern lens

5. Costumes Tell a Story: Watch Priscilla’s emancipation through her evolving fashion choices. 

6. Exploring 1950s and 60s Gender Roles: The film depicts the societal expectations shaping Priscilla and Elvis. 

7. The Climax of Independence: Priscilla’s final departure from Graceland marks her journey towards self-discovery.