A Royal Celebration in 2002

1. Half a Century as Queen: 2002 marked 50 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

2. The Queen's Speech: Expressing 'gratitude, respect, and pride' towards her nation. 

3. A Rare Occasion: Only the third Golden Jubilee since the tradition began in 1809. 

4. Royal Procession: The Queen and Prince Philip's journey from Buckingham Palace to St. Paul's Cathedral. 

5. The Queen’s Wardrobe: From periwinkle blue to vibrant tangerine, a royal display of style. 

6. A Royal Assembly: The balcony at Buckingham Palace crowded with family members. 

7. Glimpse of the Future: Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles and Prince William, the next in line. 

8. Parade and Fly-Past: A grand closure to the jubilee celebrations.

The Golden Jubilee: A testament to Queen Elizabeth II’s enduring legacy and the nation's pride.