1.  Parenting as a Learning Process 

Tom Brady admitted to initially "winging it" as a young parent, highlighting the natural learning curve involved in fatherhood.

2. Evolving with Experience 

Over time, Brady has noticed improvements in his parenting approach, learning from each experience and interaction with his children. 

3. Balancing Roles 

Brady discussed the importance of balancing various parenting roles, including listening, talking, mentoring, disciplining, and holding children accountable. 

4. Public Declarations of Love 

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Valentine’s Day, Brady celebrated his children, calling them his "Forever Valentines," showcasing his affection and commitment. 

5. The Interview Platform 

Brady shared these insights during an appearance on the YouTube channel DeepCut with VicBlends, which allows celebrities to discuss deeper personal and professional experiences. 

6. Insight into Daily Challenges 

He provided a rare glimpse into the daily challenges and decisions he faces as a parent, offering advice that resonates with many parents. 

7. Emphasizing Continuous Improvement 

Brady stressed the importance of continually refreshing parenting skills, emphasizing growth and adaptation over time. 

8. Reflecting on Fatherhood Post-NFL 

Since retiring from professional football, Brady has had more opportunities to reflect and speak openly about his personal life, including his journey as a father.