Forbes' Powerful Women 2023

– Annual ranking highlighting female leadership. – Includes global leaders, entrepreneurs, activists.

Rihanna: Superstar to Business Mogul 

– Ranked 74th on Forbes' list. – Success beyond music with Fenty brand.

Mia Mottley: Barbados’ Prime Minister 

– Featured at 99th spot. – Advocacy for climate change and small island nations.

Ursula von der Leyen: Top Ranked 

– President of the European Commission. – Leader in European and global politics.

Christine Lagarde & Kamala Harris 

– Influential in finance and politics. – Lagarde at ECB, Harris as US Vice President.

Giorgia Meloni & Taylor Swift 

– Meloni's political influence, Swift's cultural impact. – Leaders in their respective fields.

Oprah Winfrey: Media Mogul and Activist 

– Ranked 31st for media and philanthropy. – Combines celebrity status with activism.

Beyonce Knowles: Artist and Entrepreneur 

– Positioned at 36th. – Blends music, business, and social activism.

Barbie: Cultural Icon 

– Unique inclusion at 100th place. – Represents soft power and cultural influence.

Reflecting on Leadership 

– Diverse forms of power and influence. – Evolving role of women in global leadership.