Channing & Zoë: It’s more than just Hollywood; it's a heartwarming story

2021 brought them together. Zoë took the director's chair and Channing? He stole the show and perhaps a heart.

Channing's not just a co-star. As Zoë puts it, 'This journey? It’s special because of him. 

Zoë’s intuition told her Channing was perfect for Slater King. Maybe it was those 'Magic Mike' vibes, or maybe something deeper. 

They've got that elusive love that thrives away from the spotlight. Except for that one dazzling Met Gala night. 

Life has its chapters. Before Channing,  Zoë shared her life with Karl Glusman.  Memories made from 2019 to 2021.

Before his story with Zoë began, Channing shared dances, dreams, and a beautiful daughter, Everly, with Jenna Dewan.

Engagements aren’t just about rings; they're about dreams and the future. Channing and Zoë are setting off on a beautiful journey.