Unraveling the Threads of a Nation Divided

Alex Garland's action epic 'Civil War Movie' sets a new narrative in dystopian America. 

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, and more in a tale of a divided nation. 

In a near future, the U.S. is torn by civil war, with striking scenes of societal collapse. 

The story unfolds in a U.S. where air strikes on civilians are routine, and journalists are under threat. 

Directed by Alex Garland, known for 'Ex Machina' and 'Annihilation'. 

Produced by A24 alongside Gregory Goodman, Andrew Macdonald, and Allon Reich. 

Garland's compelling storytelling previously earned him an Oscar nomination for 'Ex Machina'. 

With intense action and drama, 'Civil War Movie' is set to be a cinematic landmark.