A Fresh Start

Just months after her release, Gypsy's life takes a new direction. 

Ending & Beginning

Following her split from Ryan Anderson, Gypsy seeks solace and support. 

Rekindled Bond

Reconnecting with ex-fiancé Ken Urker, finding friendship and support. 

Personal Transformation

Embarking on a physical transformation journey with a major surgery. 

The Surgery

Gypsy's choice: A rhinoplasty to align her outer appearance with her inner growth.

A Supportive Circle

Surrounded by friends like Nadiya Vizier, Gypsy faces the future with hope 

Message of Empowerment

'Let her live, let her learn.' Gypsy’s journey is a testament to resilience and growth. 

Looking Forward

Follow Gypsy's journey on 'Life After Lock Up' this summer.