Jim Carrey's iconic role as the Grinch is unforgettable, but the journey there was fraught with challenges.

On The Graham Norton Show, Carrey confesses the role was 'like being buried alive every day.' 

The furry suit and makeup were so suffocating that Carrey nearly quit. 

Frustration peaked when Carrey put his leg through a trailer wall, signaling a crisis to director Ron Howard 

A torture endurance expert from the CIA was brought in to help Carrey cope with the costume's demands. 

Carrey resorted to eating and smoking to deal with the pain, cautious not to ignite his flammable costume. 

Despite the horror, Carrey was motivated by the joy his performance would bring to children. 

The Bee Gees' music became Carrey's solace, helping him 'survive' the filming. 

It's for the kids,' Carrey reminded himself, pushing through for the sake of his young fans. 

Jim Carrey's tale of resilience and dedication brings new appreciation to his Grinch legacy.