Adele Confirms Marriage to Rich Paul

In an unexpected twist at a Los Angeles event, singer Adele announces her marriage to sports agent Rich Paul.

Adele and Rich Paul: A Timeline 

Tracing the couple's journey from when they started dating in 2021 to now. 

Surprise at a Friend's Event 

During Alan Carr's performance, Adele responds to a marriage-related query, revealing her union with Rich Paul. 

From Rumors to Reality 

The couple, previously known for calling each other 'husband' and 'wife', officially confirm their marriage. 

Adele's Personal and Artistic Journey 

Post her previous marriage, Adele's latest announcement marks a significant personal milestone. 

Love Wins in Showbiz 

Adele's journey towards love post-divorce is celebrated as a beacon of hope 

What's Next for Adele and Rich Paul? 

Fans eagerly await to see how this personal development influences Adele's future works.