Kathie Lee Gifford details her surprising resolution with Howard Stern in her new book "I Want to Matter.

Stern left an unexpected voicemail apologizing for his past actions, initiating the reconciliation. 

Gifford was astonished by the message. "I told my kids, 'Well, pigs have now officially flown,'" she recalled. 

Their feud began in 1995 when Gifford was booed at Super Bowl XXIX, allegedly urged by Stern's listeners. 

Years later, Gifford greeted Stern cordially on "Today," despite warnings from her coworkers.

Stern's sincere voicemail apology was followed by another call, where Gifford expressed her forgiveness. 

Gifford invited Stern to dinner, calling him "a very odd duck," and they have since had friendly exchanges. 

Gifford's book explores forgiveness in other areas, including her late husband's public infidelity admission in 1997.