Miss Universe 2023: Nicaragua's Sheynnis Palacios Takes the Crown in a Dazzling Global Showcase 

Crowning Glory: Nicaragua's Star

Meet Sheynnis Palacios, the dazzling winner of Miss Universe 2023.

Global Stage: San Salvador Spotlight 

A look at the host   city and the 84 captivating contestants. 

Stellar Judges: Icons and Influencers 

Insight into the esteemed panel, including Halima Aden, Carson Kressley, and past Miss Universe winners. 

Breaking Barriers: Diversity Celebrated 

Highlighting the swimsuit round's inclusivity with contestants like Miss Nepal and Miss Pakistan. 

Top Three: The Finalists 

Introducing the top three contenders of Miss Universe 2023 - Palacios, Porsild, and Wilson. 

Palacios' Pinnacle: A Philosophical Choice 

Exploring Palacios' admiration for Mary Wollstonecraft during the final Q&A. 

Beyond the Crown: Top Contenders 

Acknowledging Miss Colombia, Miss Puerto Rico, and Miss Congeniality, Athenea Pérez. 

A New Era: Palacios' Reign Begins 

Reflecting on the legacy and what the win signifies for Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios.