Robbie's Revealing Journey: An Emotional Rollercoaster 

A love tested by trials: Ayda Field shares a pivotal moment.

A 2 am call that changed everything for Robbie and Ayda. 

Facing a personal battle, Robbie knew he needed to heal.

A birthday wake-up in recovery: The start of a new chapter.

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The unseen struggles behind the limelight.

Ayda's unwavering support: 'I just want you to get better.

Heartbreak to healing: The couple's path back to each other. 

Life now: Robbie and Ayda's beautiful family of six.

Robbie's candid confession: The strength in vulnerability. 

Awaiting the story: Robbie's life unveiled this 8  November on Netflix. 


A message of perseverance and hope resonates through Robbie's story.