1. Family Rehearsal

Ryan Gosling's daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, were not just spectators but active participants in the rehearsals for his 'I'm Just Ken' performance at the Oscars.

2. Dance Masters 

Surprisingly, both daughters outshone their father by mastering the choreography better than him, showcasing their dance skills during the practice sessions. 

3. Public Debut 

Gosling shared these heartwarming details during his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, highlighting his daughters' significant role in preparing for the big night. 

4. First Major Event 

The 2024 Oscars marked the first significant public event that Esmeralda, aged 9, and Amada, aged 7, attended, making it a memorable family moment. 

5. Inspiration Source 

The performance's inception was influenced by his daughters' interest in Barbie and relative disinterest in Ken, which sparked the idea for the musical number. 

6. Backstage Support 

During the Oscars, his daughters were in the front row, supporting their dad, giving him cues and confidence from their seats. 

7. Casual Chaos at Home 

Gosling joked about the impact of the rehearsals at home, mentioning the amusing downside like "fake tan stains around the house," adding a personal touch to his story. 

8. Context for Creativity 

He wanted his daughters to understand the context of his work, especially as their home was inadvertently turned into a backstage area during the film and rehearsal period.