1. Event Description

 "An Evening With Richard Dreyfuss + Jaws Screening" at Cabot Theater promised insights into the making of Jaws.

2. Unexpected Turn

Dreyfuss went off-script, discussing controversial topics like gender affirmation and inclusion requirements for the Academy Awards.

3. Audience Reaction 

The audience responded with dissatisfaction and disappointment, with some leaving the event. 

4. Criticism 

Dreyfuss was criticized for his remarks, with one participant calling him "small-minded" and an "embarrassment to society." 

5. Lack of Awareness 

Attendees lamented not knowing about Dreyfuss's alleged propensity for contentious remarks and criticized the theater for not screening his performance adequately.

7. Inclusiveness

The theater emphasized its commitment to inclusiveness and respect, stating that Dreyfuss's opinions did not reflect their values.