1. Announcement on Podcast 

Robyn Dixon announced her departure during an episode of her podcast, "Reasonably Shady." This is where she first made her exit public, sharing the news directly with her listeners.

2. Not Returning for Season 9 

Dixon explicitly stated that she would not be returning for the ninth season of RHOP, marking the end of her long tenure on the show. 

3. Network Decision 

The reason behind her exit was not a personal choice but a decision made by the network. She clarified that she was "not invited back," indicating that it was effectively a termination. 

4. Candid Reflections 

Robyn was very candid about her departure, using the phrase "I was fired, for lack of better words." This openness provides fans with a clear and unfiltered understanding of her situation. 

5. Gratitude for the Experience 

Despite the abrupt end, Robyn expressed gratitude for her time on the show. She acknowledged the opportunities and experiences she had gained through her years on RHOP. 

6. Appreciation for Fans 

She made a special point to thank her fans and the viewers who have supported her from the beginning, highlighting the relationship she has built with her audience. 

7. Embracing Change 

Dixon shared her acceptance of the situation by noting, "nothing lasts forever." She expressed a positive outlook on the closure of this chapter of her career, indicating readiness for new opportunities.