'Sex and the City' transitions from HBO Max to Netflix – without royalties for Bushnell.

Bushnell calls out the profit-driven moves in the industry, losing her royalty rights in the process. 

Highlighting the disparity: Bushnell's stark take on the gender gap in profit-making. 

From HBO hit to global franchise: The journey of 'Sex and the City'. 

Bushnell's initial $100,000 deal with HBO – a fraction of the series' eventual worth. 

Anticipation for 'And Just Like That' Season 3 amidst behind-the-scenes drama. 

Sara Ramirez reportedly cut from the show – An intersection of art and activism.

Teases of Samantha Jones's comeback leave fans curious about the future.

As 'Sex and the City' finds a new home on Netflix, the saga continues both on and off the screen.