Reacher Season 2 Review

The Giant Walks Again 

Alan Ritchson reprises his role, bringing justice with formidable force.

Mystery Awaits 

Reacher confronts a personal vendetta, unraveling a deadly puzzle. 

Dynamic Allies 

Neagley, Dixon, and O'Donnell return, each with their unique flair. 

Battles of Brute Strength 

Witness Reacher's tactical prowess in explosive combat scenes. 

Behind the Muscle 

Flashbacks reveal Reacher's past shaping his relentless spirit. 

Join the Fight 

Brace for impact. Watch Reacher Season 2 on Prime Video. 

Face of Evil 

Robert Patrick's formidable presence promises Reacher a worthy foe. 

New Format, Same Thrills 

Reacher Season 2 launch pivots to a gripping weekly release. The hunt intensifies with each episode.