A Winter Wonderland Wedding 

Amidst a serene snowstorm in Hudson Valley, Josh Radnor and Jordana Jacobs exchange vows in an intimate setting. 

Josh Radnor Shares His Joy 

The actor shares Instagram photos from the private ceremony, expressing his overwhelming happiness. 

Cedar Lake Estate: A Picturesque Venue 

The couple's choice of Cedar Lake Estate for their wedding underscores their love for nature's beauty. 

Josh and Jordana: A Match Made in Meditation 

From a sound meditation retreat to a snowy altar, the couple's journey has been one of deep connection and shared paths. 

Intimate Moments, Lasting Memories

The wedding was a blissful celebration, captured in stunning photographs that showcase the couple's happiness. 

A New Chapter Begins 

Radnor's heartfelt words to Jordana during the engagement and the meaningful 'Brooklyn Girl' serenade set the tone for their future together. 

Celebrity Love in a Snowy Escape 

Josh Radnor and Jordana Jacobs' wedding story is a testament to love's power to warm the coldest days, marking a new beginning for the couple.