1. Suri's Independent Move

Suri Cruise changed her name to Suri Noelle, symbolically breaking ties with her father, Tom Cruise, and embracing her own identity.

2. Tribute to Katie Holmes 

 The name change is a tribute to her mother, Katie Holmes, whose middle name is Noelle, indicating Suri's strong bond with her maternal side.

3. Significance of Name Change" 

Changing her name signifies Suri's assertion of independence and the creation of a separate identity from her father.

4. Absence of Relationship with Tom Cruise

Suri's name change suggests she hasn't had a relationship with her father for years and is prioritizing her maternal side. 

5. Katie Holmes' Full Custody 

After Katie Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise, she was given full custody of Suri, influencing the teenager's choice to change her name. 

6. Establishing Her Own Identity 

The name change allows Suri to establish herself as her person, separate from the media attention that comes with being Tom Cruise's daughter. 

7. Embracing Individuality

Suri's decision to change her name reflects her desire to embrace her individuality and distance herself from her father's beliefs and values.