Meet the Sandfords, whose search for tranquility is shattered by a digital disaster.

A cyber attack cripples the globe, trapping the Sandfords in a web of uncertainty. 

Homeowners GH Scott and Ruth return, propelling both families into a trust battle. 

The film's five parts mirror the stages of crisis: from 'The House' to 'The End'. 

Flamingos in New York? Strange animal behavior hints at an impending environmental doom. 

Kevin Bacon's Danny—paranoid or prophet? His foresight is as unnerving as it is vital. 

In the face of disaster, 'Leave The World Behind' peels back layers of human nature. 

Amidst chaos, Rose's obsession with 'Friends' finale mirrors our own need for escape. 

As the world unravels, will the families unite or divide? Find out in 'Leave The World Behind', streaming now.